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Band Members  
Dave - Drums / Alex - Bass / Pete - Guitar & Vox / John - Vox & Guitar  
Band Information  
Bored of sending bomb threats to MI5, four individuals based in Milton Keynes chose to channel their malcontent into adrenaline-pumped punk-smart frequencies; this band will encircle the unassuming and whip their frenzy into an open-hearted assault on the masses.

There are hints of Every Time I Die, Rise Against & The Bronx swimming deep beneath the surface of 1000 Hertz's debut, but never more than a brief acknowledgement before they tear off on their own tangents, and they do this always with an interesting twist and a dark edge. It is a huge relief to finally find a UK band raising the bar and stamping their own footprint on the new wave of hardcore / punk rock. As 1000 Hertz join the small but sturdy & defiant UK army who, with the likes of The Ghost of a Thousand and Gallows currently filling it's ranks, could really be part of creating something unique and special.

'Input The Output' was released to an unsuspecting word in Sept 2007. and received some amazing reviews from the alternative press, it's an album that makes sure 1000 Hertz are set the UK Punk/Hardcore revolution is not ignored. So with the spring board uncoiled, 1000 Hertz travelling circus landed firmly on the road touring relentlessly alongside the likes of Death By Stereo, Ignite, H2O, Strike Anywhere, Death Before Dishonour, The Unseen, Terror, Outcry Collective, The Ghost Of A Thousand, The Computers (plus many more).

Having dieted on feedback and asphalt since their '07 debut, 1000 Hertz have returned from the wilderness to berth their melodic Punk/Core vessel in the shape of sophomore recording 'Are Burning Maps' released by 1000 Hertz on iTunes or hard copies from the band at gigs . Lyrically focussed and musically refined this record takes off where the previous ended and catapults the listener through an exhilarating mix of melodic Punk-Rock meshed with forthright Hardcore adrenaline. The decision to produce the record entirely by themselves was an agonising risk as the band navigated rehearsal rooms, backrooms and their own houses abusing begged, borrowed and stolen equipment. The result however is an outstanding testament to their work ethic and the reward a vindication of their decision. With the albums themes complimented by artwork from the talents of Thomas Lacey (The Ghost Of A Thousand), 'Are Burning Maps' is an enveloping statement of change and finding new direction. A cathartic and hope-fuelled narrative of breaking out and living & dying on your own terms, however you choose those terms to be. It's a long, unknown road ahead and 1000 Hertz can't wait to ride it.

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