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Band Members  
B'Hellmouth - Vocals / Medico - Guitar / XundeadX - Bass / El Diablo - Drums  
Band Information  
SEND MORE PARAMEDICS are members of the living dead, cannibalistic zombies consumed with an unholy desire to consume living human brains. Their music can best be described as "Zombiecore" - a hideous fusion of 80s-style thrash metal and modern hardcore punk, contaminated and deformed by an obsessive fascination with all that is worst about zombie b-movies.

Rising from the grave in Leeds at Halloween 2001, the band quickly set about capturing the imagination of the UK underground hardcore scene with its explosive live show, featuring blood, severed heads, and most importantly BRAINS! Every gig saw a swelling of the ranks of the undead army, as more and more of the population fell victim to this insidious infection. Intensive gigging around the UK culminated in the offer of a full-length release.

Kingdom Of The Undead (One of their very first gigs on 12/03/02)

Recorded independently in Leeds, this became the band's first album, entitled "A Feast For The Fallen" (2002). Thirteen tracks long, including an atmospheric instrumental and a twenty minute audio bonus track, the album combines hyper-fast thrash riffs, ear-bending solos and punk attitude with shout-along crew backups and creepy atmospheric sections, provoking comparisons to such diverse bands as SLAYER, FANTOMAS and MINOR THREAT.

Song titles such as "The Pain of Being Dead" and "Zombified" attest to the band's monomaniacal determination to explore through their music and lyrics every facet of undead existence. "A Feast For The Fallen" has garnered praise from a variety of fanzines and music publications, including Fracture, Reason To Believe, Maximum Rock N Roll and Terrorizer.

Halloween 2003 saw the band headline their second anniversary show in a packed out venue in Leeds, a gig even more energetic and chaotic than last year's. It also saw the release on mailorder of their second full-length album, "The Hallowed And The Heathen". Recorded at Pristine Studios in Nottingham in August 2003, the album sees the band refining their sound into something more polished than the raw onslaught that is "A Feast For The Fallen"

A brooding, cello-heavy instrumental ushers in the first of twelve songs, which are faster, tighter, and more brutal than those on "A Feast For The Fallen", with more than a few nods to classic 80s thrash. An excellent production job means that the music comes across much more clearly; the result is a manic, murderous, spine-chilling brainfest of a listening experience, the perfect soundtrack to an autopsy breakfast.

Proving the saying ' Dead Men Tell No Tales' as a complete lie, Send more Paramedics joined forces with Zombie Apocalypse combining their brain thirst to form an audio pincer movement on humanity. Many in the UK will have heard of Send More Paramedics, and after Zombie Apocalypse's Mini CD on Indecision Records last year their name is starting to do the rounds over in Europe, assisted by the fact two of them are in the mighty Shai Hulud. 'Tales Told By Dead Men' is a full length split CD, 5 tracks each from both bands ( '-Segue-' being an intro track) and came out September 2005.

For their 3rd and final full length release Send More Paramedics decided to put a concept through the entire album. The year is 2O25. Everything is not under control. Send More Paramedics are back with a brand new album. 'The Awakening' is a concept album based on real-life scientific predictions concerning the imminent destruction of humanity in an apocalypse of mass-zombification. These l5 tracks of bone crunching destruction show that Send More Paramedics are an even greater threat to humanity than previously thought. 'The Awakening' represents the next step in SMP's hideous fusion of 8Os-style thrash metal and modern hardcore punk, contaminated by an obsessive fascination with zombie B-movies. Accompanying this murderous thrash onslaught is an 8Os-horror-style synth instrumental soundtrack bonus CD and an Enhanced CD section featuring two Send More Paramedics music videos. The album also features guest vocals from Jeff Walker & Ken Owen of legendary death metallers Carcass and original artwork created by Games Workshop luminary Stefan Kopinski.

Past and future undead manifestations include...a two week European and UK tour with THE OFFSPRING...two UK tours with AVENGED SEVENFOLD, UK tour dates with WEDNESDAY l3, UK tour with TIGER ARMY, UK tour with MUNICIPAL WASTE, UK tour dates with THE HORRORPOPS and several UK headline tours...Download Festival 2OO5 alongside BLACK SABBATH, SLAYER, MOTORHEAD, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX, SLIPKNOT and many appearances with THE MISFITS, CONVERGE, SICK OF IT ALL, EXODUS, SEVEN SECONDS, GIVE UP THE GHOST, HIMSA, SHAI HULUD, Session on BBC Radio One The Lock-Up, Jan TV performance on BBC3.... two week headline tour together with LEEDS FESTIVAL and READING FESTIVAL.

Send More Paramedics on BBC3

Send More Paramedics played their last show on 27 October 2007 at Joseph's Well in Leeds. "It's been 6 years but our zombie corpses are finally rotting to the point at which we can continue no more. A million thanks to you all. .. Yours faithfully, .. SMP .. x"

We live in hope that one day SEND MORE PARAMEDICS will rise from the dead again, the first we'll hear of it is 'BRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIINNNNNSSSS!!!!!'

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Send More Paramedics live for the first time in 7 years at a secret warm up gig in Leeds!!
14th Apr 2014
Send More Paramedics live for the first time in 7 years at a secret warm up gig in Leeds!!
Here's Send More Paramedics full set, when they played a warm up gig in Leeds for their first show back in 7 years on Friday

The last chance to see them will be in Camden at the Barfly on the 10th May so make sure you get there!!
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The mighty zombietastic Send More Paramedics return for two shows!!
6th Apr 2014
The mighty zombietastic Send More Paramedics return for two shows!!
It's something that alot of you have wished for The mighty zombietastic Send More Paramedics will be returning for two shows. The first headlining TDON Records 10 year anniversary show at the Vox in Leeds on the 12th April and the 2nd on the 10th May at the Barfly in Camden make sure 'You do the zombie shuffle like an old school ghoul!!!
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Send More Paramedics to play a one of gig!!
1st Dec 2013
Send More Paramedics to play a one of gig!!
It's what you've all been waiting for Send More Paramedics are back!!

On the 14th April 2014 Send More Paramedics will be 'Back From The Dead, Going To The Show' at TDON Records 10th anniversary all dayer!!

Tickets for TDON 10 are flying out!! Make sure you pick one up here! HERE or you'll miss us....or we'll miss you!!

We'll also be there with a stall selling Send More Paramedics CDs, Tshirts, and their very special 10" vinyl with Gallows, Feed the Rhino and WOUNDS covering our tracks + some unreleased gems + a load of other IATDE gear

IATDE 50th Release Finally Reveal with Pre-Order
5th Oct 2012
IATDE 50th Release Finally Reveal with Pre-Order
After 12 years and now 50 releases, it's time to celebrate and who else to base our 50th release around but Send More Paramedics a band that stuck with IATDE Records for 3 albums and a split release with Zombie Apocalypse (members of Shai Hulud). But that's not all, also kindly agreeing to celebrate this land mark release are IATDE bands past, present and future. So we have the great pleasure to announce that Gallows, Feed The Rhino and Wounds have contributed covers of their favourite Send More Paramedics tracks.

All the Send More Paramedics tracks are amazing but for one reason or another never had an official release (though they have appeared on a tour cassette tape that was available on the bands last ever tour) hence 'Unearth'.

We're so proud that 3 amazing bands have agreed to contribute tracks to this release, all we asked is that they recorded the tracks in their unique style and all the band have done incredible jobs of making these tracks their own, whilst still obviously being Send More Paramedics songs.

1. Send More Paramedics - Zombiefied (Re-Recording)
2. Send More Paramedics - 100 Fighting Dogs
3. Send More Paramedics - Revenants
4. Send More Paramedics - Send More Paramedics
(10" Vinyl Release Only) 5. Gallows - Zombie Crew
6. Feed The Rhino - Blood Fever
7. Wounds - Sever
(Digital Only) 5. Send More Paramedics - 245 Trioxin (Re-Recording)

The title of this release was supplied by Send More Paramedics vocalist B'Hellmouth (you don't want to know how we got this from him all you need to know is we barely got out alive) Unearth for Send More Paramedics tracks and Possessed as the zombie horde have turned Gallows, Feed The Rhino and Wounds into the brain munching undead. This concept can be seen in the amazing artwork for the insert of the 10" a comic strip with that idea in mind supplied by a new comer Troy Browne. As for the cover artwork, we've gone back to Dan Mumford who supplied not only the artwork for Gallows' 'Orchestra Of Wolves' but also our releases from Suicide Silence, Sanzen & Romeo Must Die. We think both artists have done an amazing job.

Unearth:Possessed will be released on Halloween (31st October 2012) on 10" Solid Red Vinyl and Digitally (Gallows cover only appears on the 10" version - 245 Trioxin only appears on the digital version)

The 10" vinyl is only available on mailorder solely from and is limited to 911 all being individually numbered
There's also a limited edition of 50 Tshirt printed as well check out the store to get you hads on one of these!!

The digital version will be available from all good digital music stores.
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