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Viewing Product » Feed The Rhino - Mr Red Eye

Feed The Rhino - Mr Red Eye

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Item Code: iatde044
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'Mr Red Eye' isn't an album for relaxing to and feeling good about yourself, this is an album for getting angry to, an album for pumping fists and shouting along with. Feed The Rhino have been going a relatively short time, yet already they have recorded a stellar album that should propel them up to the top of the UK Hardcore scene hierarchy .

Then tracks of amazing dark, gritty and heavy hardcore Rock N Roll that will get your head banging and legs quaking from this five piece.

Feed the Rhino blend huge riffs, catchy groove ladden chorus' with raw, passionate, controlled and dynamic vocals, dark, gritty and heavy hardcore Rock N Roll that will get your head banging and legs quaking.

From Kent, UK this five piece have been leaving an impact mainly down to their explosive live shows. With influences varying from the grit of Pantera to the shine of Queens Of The Stoneage, together they try to write intense music that's brutal but polished. Putting their heart and souls into our music and hopefully lift spirits.

1. The Butchers
2. Caller Of The Town
3. Transistor Down
4. You're A Sitting Duck
5. Diary Of Cards
6. One For The Ponses
7. Empty Mirrors
8. Mr Red Eye
9. Lambs To The Slaughter / Priest At The Altar
10. Nowhere Lane
11. Rotten Apple

Kerrang KKKK
Rocksound 8/10
Big Cheese 4/5

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