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Viewing Product » Black Ballads - November Coming Fire Black Ballads

Black Ballads - November Coming Fire Black Ballads

Special Offer Product
Item Code: iatde018
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'Black Ballads' is November Coming Fire's opening attack, full on, dark, metallic, hardcore with Straight Edge leanings, six audio assaults that take no prisoners. Hoarse, angry hardcore.

November Coming Fire's imagery is dark, reminiscent of a rawer 'Avenged Sevenfold' or a metalcore band that has overdosed on the early styling of The Misfits. Vocalist Gareth issues defiant determination, amplifying that style by an exponent of ten, wailing with miserable rage, as the sounds radiate with the group's uncontrollable evil vibrations.

A haunting wave of death drone designed to devour permeates the album. 'Transgression' issues hails with tortured allegiance. Upfront razor edged riffs tear and slash at musical flesh. Tension boils. An essence of classic hardcore seethes during the Dwarves like 'The Boys With Nails'. speeding through the darkness with 'Near Death' as Ross Bones destroys drum heads. This record is bleakly bitter.

November Coming Fire's beauty lies in their purity, their singular purpose to make you move, remember and become part of what they are.

The opening track 'Transgression' has now become a cult classic with it's howling mantra-like intro 'In darkness we stand, divided we fall'. Embace the Coming Fire.

1. Transgression
2. The Boys With Nails.....
3. Near Death
4. Loves Young Nightmare
5. Instrumental.1
6. Blackest Blood

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