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Viewing Product » Send More Paramedics / Gallows / Feed The Rhino / Wounds - Unearth:Possessed 10" Vinyl

Send More Paramedics / Gallows / Feed The Rhino / Wounds - Unearth:Possessed 10" Vinyl Item Code: iatde050
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Send More Paramedecs / Gallows / Feed The Rhino / Wounds - Unearth:Possessed 10" Vinyl
+ Unearth:Possessed 15cm by 8cm Vinyl Sticker

After 12 years and now 50 releases, itís time to celebrate and who else to base our 50th release around but Send More Paramedics a band that stuck with IATDE Records for 3 albums and a split release with Zombie Apocalypse (members of Shai Hulud). But thatís not all, also kindly agreeing to celebrate this land mark release are IATDE bands past, present and future. So we have the great pleasure to announce that Gallows, Feed The Rhino and Wounds have contributed covers of their favourite Send More Paramedics tracks.

1. Send More Paramedics - Zombiefied (Re-Recording)
2. Send More Paramedics - 100 Fighting Dogs
3. Send More Paramedics - Revenants
4. Send More Paramedics - Send More Paramedics
5. Gallows - Zombie Crew (10Ē Vinyl Release Only)
6. Feed The Rhino - Blood Fever
7. Wounds - Sever

Unearth:Possessed released on Halloween (31st October 2012) on 10Ē Solid Red Vinyl (Limited to 911)

Cover artwork supplied by Dan Mumford
There will also be a zombiefied comic strip insert/lyric sheet art supplied by Troy Browne

Though this release is available digitally the Gallows track 'Zombie Crew' is ONLY available on the 10" and only from

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