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Viewing Product » Polar - Vultures Tshirt + Inspire Tshirt

Polar - Vultures Tshirt + Inspire Tshirt

Special Offer Product
Item Code: polattshirtboth
Price: £24 £14

Availability: 41 in stock

Most tshirts are Gildan Ultra Cotton, these are the measurements we got of their website
Size Chest (to fit) : S - 34"/36" M - 38"/40" L - 42"/44" XL - 46"/48"

Please go to bottom of page and select country for Shipping

Polar - Vultures Tshirt
Front Print - Vultures image designed by Raf The Mighty who has also worked on images for Slayer, Metallica, Iron Maiden, BMTH, Rolling Stones and many more)

Back Print - Polar Arrow logo image + the text 'Shadowed By Vultures' above.

Polar - Inspire Tshirt
Front Print - Polar Logo across chest

Back Print - Image taken from the cover of the 'Inspire Create Destroy' 7" EP with "Sing At the Top Of Your Lungs" lyrics.


You'll also get 2 Polar vinyl stickers + a polar badge with this order

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