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Viewing Product » Palm Reader - Beside The Ones We Love CD

Palm Reader - Beside The Ones We Love CD

Special Offer Product
Item Code: iatde065
Price: £7.95 £5.00

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Palm Reader - Beside The Ones We Love CD
+ Palm Reader Vinyl Sticker
+ Palm Reader Badge

Palm Reader have returned with their 2nd full length album "Beside The Ones We Love" a 10 track masterpiece of violence, pent-up anger and calm, taking their cleverly unique hardcore menacing riff styling's to a new level.
Each track on this album stands on its own but to get the most out of "Beside The Ones We Love" the album needs to be listen to as a whole, to experience the blend of light with the dark. Jumping from the instant attack of 'Pedant' and 'Stone's Blood', to the massive anthems of 'Sing Out, Survivor' and 'Unabridged', to the driving riffage of 'Stacks' and 'By The Ground, We're Defined' to the screamed 'Travelled Paths', "Beside The Ones We Love" takes you on an audio journey you won't want to end!

Following the hiatus of Palm Readers former label, IATDE Records jumped at the chance of releasing the already recorded album. "Beside The Ones We Love"

For Fans Of - Converge / Dillinger Escape Plan / Code Orange / Norma Jean / Breach

1. I Watch The Fire Chase My Tongue
2. Pedant
3. By The Ground, We're Defined
4. Sing Out, Survivor
5. Stacks
6. Travelled Paths
7. Stone's Blood
8. Resolution
9. Black Hand
10. Unabridged

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