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   - Amped Up CD (iatde001)
Various - Amped Up
1. Cleatus - Guarentee
2. Twofold - Reason Why
3. And None of Them Knew They Were Robots - Instrument
4. Jesse James - Elephant
5. Los Destructos - Point Of Existence
6. Fig 4.0 - Red Ash
7. Turtlehead - 805
8. The Osterman Weekend - 456
9. Captain Everything - Dairy Of A Spengler
10. The Pokers - Bad Women
11. Beecher - Rise Above Grace
12. Lovejunk - Inside Out
13. Adequate 7 - No Space
14. Annalise - Next Stop Nowhere
15. Cape Canaveral - Last Blast
16. In The Shit - Minds At War
17. Bo Weevil - Problem
18. Vehicle Derek - Song About The Weather
19. Skirtbox - Monastary Bound
20. Glueball - Taker
21. Phinius Gage - Different Dream
22. Fishtake - Voodoo Doll
23. 4 Ft Fingers - Slowly Sinking
24. Mend This Tear - So Called Friends
25. Shatterhand - Unbalanced
26. Horace Goes Skiing - You Cheeky So And So
27. Jarcrew - Dethcar
28. Bovine - Angry Red Member
29. Herrod - Sad
30. Scuttle - Adjustment Disorder
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79:54 mins in length, 30 Tracks - 30 Bands all from the UK released in 2000. This was the first ever release from IATDE Records based on the best bands that appeared on at that time. was a website ran by us (now defunct) that specialised in pushing UK bands/labels etc.

This release is where it all started for us, we've got about 20 left so if you want a bit of history get your hands on one (CD only available through our shop, no digital release).

Three of these bands went on to be on IATDE Records in their own right, The Osterman Weekend, Beecher and And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots, the latter whose members were also in Send more Paramedics.
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Kerrang KKK
Anyone wanting an introduction to the British underground punk scene could do a lot worse than getting hold of this 30 track compilation. Covering all areas of the genre, from old school punk to hardcore, through emo and ska. The pop punk tunes contributed by Cleatus, Lovejunk and Skirtbox are certainly worth repeated listens, and the In The Shit and The Pokers throw in some credible Exploited-style-aggro-punk. And none Of Them Knew They Were Robots, meanwhile , win the prize for best name. With the wealth of good material on offer here, it seems pedantic to complain (BRETT CALLWOOD)

As far as compilations go, this is a bit of a daddy. 30 tracks of the UK's up and coming talent, refreshingly free of whiny dross and displaying some real variety. From the Beer-punk of 4ft Fingers to the Post-Hardcore of Twofold, the ska-core of Adequate 7 to the horn driven party machine of Jesse James, this is all good y'all. Mark from UK Base has got almost two decades of experience in the punk scene and a superb eye for talent. And it shows. If you want evidence that UK aint never had it so good, here it is.

Real Overdose
Ukbase is this cool website that's like an electronic doorway to the Brit punk scene and now they have a label too, and as all good labels should they've released a comp. Thirty bands that just prove how good we got things in this country right now, tons of good stuff here, there's diversity, freshness , energy and power and IATDE have made a nice job of it. Feelin' out of the loop? Here's your way back in.

UKBASE is possibly the most important punk rock website in the UK right now. Every band's got a page, every new CD gets reviewed, every show gets visited, the number of interviews it holds is astounding and as for the gig list, well let me put it this way, your own show would be listed even before you've booked the venue. But what does all that have to do with this new compilation CD, other than a lame excuse for a shameless plug? Well Mark, the big cheese, not content with running this wonder of web space, decided to kick start his own label, and 'Amped Upů' is the very first release of what I'm sure will be many. Finally we are blessed with thirty hard-hitting tracks of pure UK punk rock, where a mixture of well-established heavyweights and younger up-and-comers in the scene get a chance to shine. CLEATUS begin the onslaught with the pleasantly up beat 'Guarentee' but it isn't until 'Point of Existence' from Scotch herberts LOS DESTRUCTOS that this CD really gets interesting. Other highlights include Watford legends CAPTAIN EVERYTHING and SKIRTBOX with 'Dairy Of A Spengler' and 'Monastery Bound' respectively. I also dug FISHTAKE's 'Voodoo Doll' and of course the 4FT FINGERS' awesome 'Slowly Sinking' was a rousing surprise. But I'd say at least a third of the content could have been overlooked as they don't really enhance the listening experience a great deal. But there's no denying the fact that this disc caters for everyone. From the old school hardcore grate of FIG 4.0 through to the emo-tinged curiosity of AND NONE OF THEM KNEW THEY WERE ROBOTS (I'm not making that name up) right back to the irritating horned-up JESSE JAMES and ADEQUATE 7 (who've been causing a stir on the Household Name forum recently), you'll have no regrets from purchasing this. I'm not really a big compilation fan at all but 'Amped Upů' is certainly ready to go and display first hand what's hot and what's hotter in the UK right now. Sweet.


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