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   - Tour Single 7" (iatde004)
Beecher / The Leif Ericsson - Tour Single
1. Beecher - Malfunction
2. Beecher - Exception
3. The Leif Ericsson - Thousand Lakes
4. The Leif Ericsson - Sleeping With My Friends
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Two tracks from from each band here, Beecher's first track sees them take a slightly slower slant from 'Resention', but don't worry this is still great stuff and has some great screamed parts in it.

The Leif Ericsson hit you with their power gritty pop punked up Hot Water Music stylings but still keeping it very British, catchy as hell.

This 7" was released in conjunction with both bands joint 8 day tour of the UK back in Feb 2002 and is limited to 500.

Only available on 7" no digital on this one!!
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Fracture 8/10
One of the Glossies recently compared Beecher top Lost Prophets, Pitchshifter & Linkin Park all in one foul swoop. What a bastard of a reviewer...he unwittingly probably lost Beecher more fans than they gained with his bizarre comparison potshots. So I'll refrain from making a similar tit of myself with any other misguided reference points and just say that their track 'Malfunction' is a solidly built slice of hardcore, with thick metallic guitars, a vocalist that can both sing and scream with conviction and a drummer that drills out lightning snare-fills as though his life depended on it. I don't much see the point of their second track though - a Psywarfare styled (dammit a comparison!) remix of a track from their CD that just sounds like technology gone haywire. One the flip Leif Ericsson rock things up with a couple of storming tracks of fiery melodic punk rock. They've graced a fair few stages in their previous bands (namely Propagumhis and Summer Book Club) and their proficiency shines through the sharp riffs they blaze through. It's hardly groundbreaking and the production is a little shallow, but their energy and fervency makes these two trackspositively infectious. Good Bands. Good Split.

Artcore 8/10
Beecher mix up between heavily sung melodics over stabbing heavy riffs to totally screamed moments. For some reason they remind me of something that would've come out the post-grunge era on the metal scene. The Leif Ericsson serve up a rough emotional melodic punk that is like a cross between (early) Seaweed and Grover (there's a Propagumbhis link coincidentally) All in all an enjoyable little intro to both bands.


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