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   - 4 Days That Shook The World MCD (iatde006)
The Killerest Expression - 4 Days That Shook The World
1. Memory Loss
2. Sid's Song
3. Tears & Blisters
4. 30 Seconds
5. Love Eye
6. Mogadishu
7. Colours
8. Everyday
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Barcode - 5024545196924

'Four Days That Shook The World ' is eight tracks of jaw dropping catchy as hell rocky power punk in the vein of Leatherface, Snuff and Bad Religion.

Every single chorus is an anthem and you'll be humming these tracks before you know it and single along like a demented idiot. Crunching riffs, melodic sing along choruses that lend an ear to pop but rock out massively, and overall splendid song writing.

'4 Days..' consists on of 6 brand new tracks and as a bonus 2 tracks from the EP they did under the name of 'The Buggers'.
The Killerest Expression Band Page

Kerrang KKKK
(Explosive Punk From The West Midlands) Following the likes of Douglas and Vanilla Pod into the 'Britpunks-who'd-be-huge-if-they-were-American' catagory comes The Killerest Expression. The youthful quartet's gritty ramalama - think Snuff meets Bad Religion - saw them bag a 'Single Of The Week' award in these very pages last year (with 'Here Comes The Times' under their former monicker The Buggers), and now this debut mimi album delivers on all that early promise. Opener 'Memory Loss' positively crackles with melodic malevolence, and by the time 'Everyday' fades out in a howl of bile and feedback you'll be picking your jaw up off the carpet and reaching for 'Play' again. 'Four Days...' might not actaully shake your world, but your speakers arecertainly in for one hell of a pounding.

Rocksound 8/10
Originally called The Buggers, one swift, if not slightly odd name change later and The Killerest Expression are here to shake the world. Fast and tuneful punk tinged rock is what they have to offer on the 8 track release, an offer not to be refused. Snarly vocals and powerful chugging guitars added to the pace of Linford Christie in his day, a sprinkling of Bad Religion and you can't go wrong. Check them out for furious fun with a kick - this is good stuff.

Mass Movement 9/10
It's fair to say that The Killerest Expression are one of the best melodic punk acts in the UK right now and there's a quite simple reason for this. These guys, you see actually write songs you will remember - the kind of tumes that creep into the back of your skull then sit there, refusing to move like a bad tenant who won't pay the rent, but won't budge either. Thankfully free of any wailing emo bollocks, The Killerest Expression instead take their influences from classic punk band slike Bad Religion, Leatherface, Naked Raygun and err, The Police and craft their own quailty melodic punk along the way. Quality band, quality songs, just pure quality all the way. Did I say quality enough? Quality.

Metal Hammer 7/10
Impressive debut from this dishordian-influenced four piece. Fantastic harmonies and clean angular Fugazi-via-Fletcher style riffs bastardised into their very own style.


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