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   - Liebestod MCD (iatde008)
And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots - Liebestod
1. Selfish Fate
2. Pinned Down & Under Fire
3. Time To Heal
4. Beautiful Lives
5. No Reason
6. And Still We Fall
7. Drifted Driver
8. Pleased To Leave With Grace
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Barcode - 5024545202724

The Second release by 'The Robots' and a slight step away from their previous release. This EP is total 80s US style hardcore, shouty and angst ridden, but at the same time retaining melody, crunchy yet clean guitar riffs, perfect heavy guitar and drums along with scream/sung vocals make this mini album an epic.

The riffs are great, some are bouncy and uplifting yet at the same time dark and heavy, every track is likely to have you running about in your room/lounge/kitchen/other (delete as appropiate) like a mad person. There's also a cover of No Reason by Minor Threat and if you like MT et al then you'll love this album, It is totally like minor Threat reborn for the 2000's.

John Sutcliffe from Canvas and now Humanfly added backup vocals on 'Drifted Driver', though the artwork (and what a great job Kev (Vocals) did on it) was finished before this was done so there is no mention of it apart from here.

Below is the amazing artwork by the vocalist Kev, it's a kind of story board, one picture per panel. The EP was printed on a textured grey card, in the same style as The Osterman Weekend & Lovejunk EPs.

This was the third and last of the card gatefold sleeve EP's (If you remember My War they also got me to make their 'Wounds EP' from our cutter).

Sadly ... well for you... we have none of these CD's left but you can still download these incredible tracks through iTunes and other digital music shops.

Three of the members of 'And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots' were also in Send More Paramedics.
And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots Band Page

Terrorizer 8/10
Unfortunately my secondary education didn't extend to foreign languages, but a better educated friend of mine informs me 'Liebestod' is German for 'this sounds just like Minor Threat and therefore it's good'. Seven self-composed tracks of pacey old school sounding hardcore and a searing cover of 'No Reason' by the aforementioned Minor Threat, makes this something of a minor treat. Almost enough to make you think the last 15 years didn't happen. and go out sxe'd up.

Metal Hammer 8/10
Cult UK screamo outfit And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots incorporate angsty 80s US hardcore into their angry bran tub (even covering Minor Threat's "No Reason") Track this down!

Fracture 9/10
One of my favorite UK bands, these guys rock out big time and happen to be the nicest folks you could want to meet. Their usual brand of rock is of a complex BRAID-like style., but every now and again they go on overdrive and just thrash out the hardcore attack. This EP is total 80s US style hardcore, shouty and angst ridden, but at the same time retaining melody. They cover MINOR THREAT's 'No Reason' and stay close to the original. This is a great idea to release these songs, their album will be out in the winter sometime. I for one can't wait for that, but this will tide me over for the time being, although I have to confess that I like their non -hardcore stuff more! What a fucking sell-out huh? These guys are going to be huge and the word us spreading around Europe like wild fire about how awesome they are live. We (Rude To Stare) put them on last week here in London and they blew everyone away, get with the plan, they fucking rule.

Mass Movement 8/10
There are two main subjects surrounding this ep. On has got to do with the lyrics, which are connected with the title (which is a conflation of the German words for Love (Liebe) and Death (Tot)), and is an interpretation of the bands view on this and they way the words are connected. The second subject of the record is of a musical kind. All songs are written as if they were covers from Minor Threat. The same DC hardcore sound, the same type of vocals etc. Only one of the songs 'No Reason' actually is a cover of the Dischord legends, the others are just so MT as they possibly can get. The ep as a whole totally rocks, and all of you who either know 'the Robots' or love Minor Threat should dig in. Great layout too!!!


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