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   - Historic Site Of Scenic Beauty #1 MCD (iatde014)
The Wireless Stores - Historic Site Of Scenic Beauty #1
1. Sweet Serendipity
2. Not Going, Gone
3. Speed Of Sound
4. Historic Site Of Scenic Beauty #1
5. Fabric
6. Yer Drivin
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Barcode - 5024545244229

In At The Deep End Records is very proud to bring you the first outing for Paul Yeadon since his days with Bivouac. This releases shows just how good a songwriter Paul is, as it blends emo rock & indie rock into to one unique ball of class whether acoustic or electric. This release is just amazing. We are massive fans of TWS!

If you're a fan of rock music in general you will just love this release straight away, combining all that was good about bands like 'Sugar', 'Husker Du', 'Moving Targets', 'The Replacements' etc but giving it a original darker twist and some incredibly catchy riffs.

This 20 minute disc starts off with a solid fuzzed out rock number 'Sweet Serendipity' with great melodic sense to it that shines over top of the distorted blast of noise. Things are slowed down a bit with 'Not Going Gone' which for the most part is a subdued acoustic number that slowly builds into other instruments (slide guitar, keys, electric guitar, drums, etc.) adding a little frosting to the music. 'The Speed of Sound' being a strong mid paced rock number. The Wireless Stores open things up with "Historic Site of Scenic Beauty #1" an instrumental full of swirling guitars and keys. They move back to the basics with an acoustic number "Fabric" which has some strings added to it. 'Yer Drivin' is a full on rock number with fuzzed out guitars, tasteful keys, and aggressive rhythm section, as well as hot vocal and guitar melodies. What more could you ask for?

TWS is an outlet for Paul's song writing whether you like it or not he can't stop. After the shit storm that was Bivouac, TWS is a much lazier beast the songs are written with no concern for fashion and under no pressure from a record label. They are about driving to Tijuana, the relative speed of sound dependant upon air density and how good Halo is on the X Box.
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Punktastic 5/5
You have to hand it to Mark Swinney of In At The Deep End Records. Since he began the label he has managed to put out some great releases by a very diverse range of artists. However, the label's fourteenth release, the debut of The Wireless Stores, is set to blow all past accomplishments out of the water. 'Historic Sites of Scenic Beauty #1' is the name of the EP and it has to be one of the strongest debuts for many a year. The Wireless Stores are a three-piece outfit that are based in Nottingham. They are also lucky enough to have a very talented front man with an already strong pedigree. Paul Yeadon was a founder member of Bivouac, a band that enjoyed a decent amount of success before their move to Geffen and subsequent split. The Wireless Stores, however, are a very different musical beast. Where Bivouac was a snarling, ferocious animal, t-w-s are more like a pet cat, lazing around, and occasionally bursting into life to great effect. It is very hard to categorise the sound of t-w-s. They veer around the rock stylings of early Feeder, with a hint of the Foo Fighters and a number of punk bands. It would be best to think of this as a good old fashioned rock album, and one that keeps your attention whether the band are in acoustic or electric mode. From the very first listen of 'Historic Sites Of Scenic Beauty #1' you know you are witnessing the birth of something pretty special. The song writing of Yeadon remains consistently strong throughout the EP, and showcases a real ability for lyrics and song structure. 'Sweet Serendipity' kicks things off to great effect with a hail of distorted guitars and an incessant drum beat. 'Not Going, Gone', by complete contrast, has the band in laid back acoustic mode. It's a simple, yet stunningly effective track. 'Speed of Sound' sees Yeadon talking about exactly what the title implies. How refreshing it is, to see such a broad range of subjects covered by a band. The title track is a moody and brooding instrumental, which in turn is followed by another acoustic master class; 'Fabric' is just the thing for a hot summers day. The EP closer, 'Yer Drivin' has the band reproducing the energy they showed in the first track, and is probably the pick of all the songs on offer. With their debut EP t-w-s have produced a faultless set of six songs. It's been a year since I've given a release top marks, so that should speak volumes for just how good I think this is. This hasn't left my stereo since I first listened to it, and I sincerely hope that everyone with a passion for good music makes the effort to track this down. 'Historic Sites Of Scenic Beauty #1' is a stunning release and I can't wait for more material to emerge from Mr Yeadon and co.

Mass Movement 4/5
Now where as this is far too melodic and not too my taste, I can't help but find something intriguing about it. I wouldn't say it was punk, but really great rock music. Very hard to put my finger on what it is about this one as there are even acoustic songs on here too, but there is just something about it that really works and a good one to listen to for a quieter moment. Maybe some of it reminds me of Bush style around the latter end of Bush but I don't know. You get it and see what I'm talking about.

Reason To Believe 9/10
After a long hiatus Bivouac's Paul Yeadon hits us with his new offering The Wireless Stores. Bivouac were on of those much underrated bands doing the rounds in the early 90's, sorely overlooked by hardcore kids because they were deemed too indie and sorely overlooked by the indie scene for being a bit too brash. Well maybe this time round things might be different. Musically this isn't a million miles from the sound Bivouac had; imagine perhaps a more melodic, interesting version of Jawbreaker or Seaweed mix in a little country rock add a keyboard and you might be somewhere close. I can't recommend this enough, and I can't wait to hear more. Spot On.


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