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   - Too Cruel Nails Surrendered MCD (iatde026)
Love That Kills - Too Cruel Nails Surrendered
1. Bloodless
2. The Great Depression
3. Razor Blade Smile
4. Head First Straight From Hell
5. Hangmans Game
6. To Cruel Nails Surrendered
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Barcode - 5024545384826

Stunning debut release, six tracks of harsh metallic hardcore with a SXE feel combining all that is great with such bands as Shai Hulud, Glassjaw, Poison The Well, but adding a progressive and British edge to make this a unique and required listening.

Viciously heavy hardcore, hostile and forceful with breakdowns and guttural vocals. This is the sound of categorically British hardcore, it's so brutally intense but there's an fundamental melody running through the whole thing and that precise blend is what makes Love That Kills sound.

Love That Kills consists of ex members of xCanaanx, Up In Arms & The Break In.

Love That Kills are now called Santa Karla.
Love That Kills Band Page

Kerrang KKKK
Kent-Based Metalcore Troupe Bring the Pain With an emphasis on early Poison The Well-esque dynamics and sonic bludgeon, this debut six track EP from the Kent-based five piece is a welcome addition to the UK metalcore scene. They're not exactly reinventing the wheel; everything you'd expect is present and correct - chunky, chugging riffs, furious double-kick, wide-open guitar melodies reminiscent of Helmet and the occasional swerve into gentle passages that emphasise the menace surrounding them - but the whole thing is infused with a powerful conviction and vicious delivery that firmly places boot in arse. With the throat-stripping vocals of Daniel Duggan pushed to the fore, the production is hefty but raw, emphasising the band's abrasive edge without compromising on overall wallop. This is music packed with malicious intent and tailor-made to whip up circle-pits the land-over.

Metal Hammer 7/10
UK fashioncore fans, meet your new gurus. Love That Kills have been ferociously promoting their name and have gigged persistently, playing with the likes of Himsa and Darkest Hour. The band may seem like the latest in a trend of Myspace-core, but their hard work and self promotion is finally backed up by a brilliant mini-album. 'To Cruel Nails Surrendered' is aggressive and technically accomplished - LTK are not just pretty faces - and their very British take on the Poison The Well/18V style of metalcore is needed in a scene that is drowning in American bands. Featuring ex-members of xCanaanx and The Break In, songs such as 'Razor Blade Smile' definitely pay homage to UKHC, albeit with a more commercial edge. most of the multi-selling metalcore bands from America feature members of once underground-hardcore bands, and now the UK may just have their counterpart.

Terrorizer 7/10
If UKHC was ever smug or influential enough to use the word 'supergroup' then Love That Kills would be it. The former lungs from bruisers The Break In and the riffs of XCanaanX all pile into a melody-infused gothcore cul de sac where It Dies Today twitch the net curtains and Integrity lazily trim the pivet. In a scene where plagiarism is king, conviction is all it takes to squeeze a drop of genuine creativity from the emaciated teats of an over saturated market

Powerplay 8/10
Kent-based Love That Kills debut on In At The Deep End Records is a promising six tracks that leaves the band with a solid base to develop from and improve on in the future. Playing a form of metalcore not unlike that played bt bands such as Poison The Well, Zao, Remembering Never and It Dies Today, Love That Kills is another promising British band on their way up. The highlight is probably opening track "Bloodless", which boasts a beat that you'll find hard not to enjoy, and some solid rhythmic drumming. While most of these six tracks are well written and well played and when all said and done, this is a pretty good effort. While this may not be the best unsigned British metalcore band that I've heard, Love That Kills is certainly towards the top end. With a bit more varied song writing style, this band would really be onto something. it's releases like this that make me feel good about the future of heavy music in this country because, along with bands like Forever Never, Shaped By Fate, Bring Me The Horizon and Sika Redeem, it's a future that is starting to look pretty good.


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