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   - The Need to Know CD (iatde034)
Errander - The Need to Know
1. Glory Grabbers Unite
2. Double Your Fun To Be Fair
3. Glass House Lane
4. Now We're Gone
5. Destroyed Still True
6. Deadly Art Of Illusion
7. The Process. The Problem
8. Through The Door
9. The Operator's Last Error
10. It's Happening Again
11. Kill The Anticipation
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Barcode - 5060101490488

33 minutes of earth trembling anger. Errander have an amazing knack of combining the chaotic with melody, resulting in a totally original sound, something that will have heads turning then twisting all the way of. The furious time changes are superbly crafted and the brief moments of sanity like "Through The Door" and the slow controlled intro to "Now We're Gone" show the band can impeccably throw splashes of well-placed melody into their sound.

Powering its way to 33 minutes of frenzied and heart-stopping visceral noise, Errander have crafted an album that is not only breathtakingly complex and heavy as hell but also a captivating and interesting offering. "The Need To Know" is packed full of entrancing moments of pure mayhem contrasted with areas of slower and a more maintained sound.

Mastered by Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) all backed up with great artwork. Are you ready for your ears to bleed?
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Kerrang KKKK
Known as P>S>P before the launch of a certain hand-held games console, this Barnsley mob have been honing their skills for some time. Consequently, 'The Need To Know' is a shockingly strong debut, balancing noisecore and extreme metal influences with an experimental side reminiscent of the much missed Beecher. Rather than joining the masses of identikit, trend-following bands, Errander avoid the generic in favour of the death metal-damaged fury of tunes like 'Glass House Lane'. Winningly, there's an unexpected catchiness within the chaos, with incredibly hooky lead guitar reeling you in even as you're being battered by tumutuous noise.

Terrorizer 8/10
This will blow the shit from your arse, the phlegm from your chest and the hair from your private parts. Hailing from Barnsley, Errander are nasty, sticky and dirty, noisily changing tempo every four bars and sounding like it was recorded in a pub without microphones at closing time. Bit it matters little, for the musical quality is something else. imagine Converge, if you will, without the fiddly bits and Will Haven playing Murder One covers and you'd be pretty close. The vocals are belched out like one of the zombies from '28 Days later' and amongst the blastbeats and the nasty ferret-like riffs, Errander manage to find a bouncy groove to rival Orange Goblin. With so much going on this can get aurally confusing but since when was music supposed to be easy? Great Stuff.

Metal Hammer 8/10
South yorkshire noise oiks P>S>P were happily doing the rounds touting their brand of chaotic grindcore, and even had caught the attention of In At The Deep End Records, who snapped them right up. But just as the full-length album was about to drop, the band made the very sensible decision to change their name to the less sony-suing Errander. The chaos remains however, and 'The Need To Know' is a half-hour hail of hellish musical torture, which, believe it or not is actually a compliment. As blood and gore seeps out of every note the album gushes with grinding riffs and visceral screams. No wonder Steve Austin of grindcore legends Today Is The Day got on board to mix this fucker of an record. If you miss the days when converge weren't a bunch of hippies, then get on this


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