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   - This Is Gun City CD (iatde036)
Sanzen - This Is Gun City
1. This Is Gun City
2. I'll Be Leaving
3. Prepare For The Worst
4. Modus Operandi
5. Escaping The South
6. Black And White Bomb Show
7. The Reflections Of Knives In Green Water
8. Black December
9. Better Let Him Sleep
10. I Knew Today Would Come For Years
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Barcode - 5024545449921

Having previously cut their teeth in respected UK hardcore underground heavyweights My War. 'This is Gun City' is Sanzen's debut and features ten tracks of high-energy seething metallic hardcore liberally peppered with a loose and strutting rock 'n' roll attitude that allows the band to move and roll with a lot more freedom than many of their contemporaries. Tracks crackle with so much energy and excitement the band sound like they could explode at any minute. And that could be very messy"

Imagine everything that is good about bands such as 'Everytime I Die', 'Ghost Of A Thousand', 'Cancer Bats' give it a slab of metal and an energetic booster, backed up by careening rock riffs and a brand of chaotic melody familiar to fans of 'Starkweather' and early 'Poison The Well'.

'This Is Gun City' offers a more dangerous, hard-edged take on the toe-tapping brand of rock with harsh but discernible vocal style adding to the chaotic feel. A clever and creative slice of kinetic hardcore, awash with energy.
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Terrorizer 8/10
The ability to harness the power of righteous aggression is an invaluable tool, and it's one that Sanzen wield with unnerving, swireleyed intensity. These Midlands based flame throwers come across as a gritty, small town Every time I Die, filtered through the flailing-fist grit of Gallows and The Bronx. Songs like 'Escaping The South' and 'I'll Be Leaving' are punk-metal rabble-rousers mutated beyond all sanity-angular, chaotic and delivered with muscles at full flex. A truly blistering debut.

Kerrang KKKK
It's clear from one listen to 'This Is Gun City' that Sanzen are veterans of countless gigs in the country's dingiest venues. From the moment the opening title track howls into life, introducing their uncompromising mix of raw hardcore and face-meltingly speedy metal, your mind's eye will be blind to anything other than a blur of flailing flesh, bloodied noses and sweat dripping from the ceiling of blackened basements. It's rare, but they've managed to distil the chaos of a live rock show on record. A new British band worth collecting briuses for.

Metal Hammer 8/10
Big things are going on in the UK hardcore scene in 2007. First came Hertfordshire herberts Gallows with their raw punk fury, closely followed by the more measured angst of Brighton's Ghost Of A Thousand. Now bare-knuckle, fighting for position somewhere between the two, comes Nottingham's Sanzen. And with memebers having previously featured in the ranks of underground hardcore heroes My War, their pedigree is one not to be taken lightly. Take all the subtlety of The Bronx, add the unrefined aggression of the aforementioned Watford punks, mix in the accessibility of Every Time I Die, inject with a lethal dose of metallic riffing and serve with a side of hardcore punch. This is Sanzen. and this is what makes'...Gun City' one of the most promising homegrown releases this year.

Rocksound 8/10
There is a revolution coming, and best of all, it's us Brits who are leading the charge. Barging in close behind cage rattling debuts from Gallows and The Ghost Of A Thousand, 'This Is Gun City' marks the arrival of Nottingham scallies Sanzen in superb style. At the root it's a punk record, you can feel the frantic heat of it coming off the raw screams of the title track and the concussive pace of 'Modus Operandi', but there's Southern-fried rock, twist metallic riffing, a wild-eyed delirium, and a real party vibe present too. Okay, so there's a touch of Every Time I Die to, but there isn't an ounce of fat. The revolution might not be televised but it is on its way to your stereo.


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