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   - Unearthed : Possessed 10" Vinyl (iatde050)
Send More Paramedics + Gallows + Feed The Rhino + Wounds - Unearthed : Possessed
1. SMP - Zombiefied (Rerecording)
2. SMP - 100 Fighting Dogs (My War cover)
3. SMP - Revenants
4. SMP - Send More Paramedics
5. SMP - 245 Trioxin (Digital version only)
5. Gallows - Zombie Crew (10" vinyl version only)
6. Feed The Rhino - Blood Fever
7. Wounds - Sever
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Price - UK £10 Europe £20 Rest Of World £30
Barcode -

+ Gallows
+ Feed The Rhino
+ Wounds
(Ltd to 911 All Individually Numbered)

After 12 years and now 50 releases, it's time to celebrate and who else to base our 50th release around but Send More Paramedics a band that stuck with IATDE Records for 3 albums and a split release with Zombie Apocalypse (members of Shai Hulud). But that's not all, also kindly agreeing to celebrate this land mark release are IATDE bands past, present and future. So we have the great pleasure to announce that Gallows, Feed The Rhino and Wounds have contributed covers of their favourite Send More Paramedics tracks.

All the Send More Paramedics tracks are amazing but for one reason or another never had an official release (though they have appeared on a tour cassette tape that was available on the bands last ever tour) hence 'Unearth'.

'Zombiefied' was a rerecording from the original that appeared on 'A Feast For The Fallen' to go along with the video that was shot for this track.
'100 Fighting Dogs' is a My War cover and was recorded for a split with that band, but it never happened.
'Revenants' was recorded as part of 'The Awakening' album session but never made it to the album not that it isn't a great track.
'Send More Paramedics' was recorded at the same time '100 Fighting Dogs' was recorded, a live favourite, this track was always lined up for a release like this one.
'245 Trioxin' (Digital Release Only) appeared on the bands split 'South Of Heaven, North Of England' with The Nothing released on Thirty Days Of Night Records but never had a digital release.

We're so proud that 3 amazing bands have agreed to contribute tracks to this release, all we asked is that they recorded the tracks in their unique style and all the band have done incredible jobs of making these tracks their own, whilst still obviously being Send More Paramedics songs.

Gallows were keen to contribute a track as their first ever tour was supporting Send More Paramedics on 'The Awakenings' tour. Immediately coming on board but only if they could contribute their spin on 'Zombie Crew', Send More Paramedics iconic track (we we're happy to let them). It's amazing to be working with Gallows again (just in case you didn't know IATDE Records originally released 'Orchestra Of Wolves'), and it was also great to be working with Gallows new front man Wade. (N.B. Gallows track only appears on the 10" Vinyl Version and not on the digital release)

Feed The Rhino who are coincidently on tour supporting Gallows, have been rocking venues around the UK, getting critical acclaim for their live performance as well as their current release on IATDE 'The Burning Sons'. Feed The Rhino put their recognisable crushing swagger to 'Blood Fever' a track that was an obvious choice for the guys to turn into a FTR classic.

Wounds from Dublin, Ireland have their debut album 'Die Young' due for release in January 2013, an album that we are pretty sure will cement them as one of Europe's leading rocking out raw anathematic punk bands. Wounds contribute the track 'Sever' chosen by James (the guitarist) a massive Send More Paramedics fan. Wounds have taken their track and made it a massive ball of hardcore attitude laden rock.

The title of this release was supplied by Send More Paramedics vocalist B'Hellmouth (you don't want to know how we got this from him all you need to know is we barely got out alive) Unearth for Send More Paramedics tracks and Possessed as the zombie horde have turned Gallows, Feed The Rhino and Wounds into the brain munching undead. This concept can be seen in the amazing artwork for the insert of the 10" a comic strip with that idea in mind supplied by an amazing new artist we've discovered Troy Browne. As for the cover artwork, we've gone back to Dan Mumford who supplied not only the artwork for Gallows' 'Orchestra Of Wolves' but also our releases from Suicide Silence, Sanzen & Romeo Must Die. We asked Dan to combine elements of all three bands on the cover of 'Unearthed:Possessed' with the actual members of Send More Paramedics depicted wonderfully on the cover whilst including a furious rhino to depict Feed The Rhino, a wolf as a shout to Gallows and the featured zombie on the front cover has James from Wounds scare on his stomach ala Wounds upcoming 'Die Young' cover. James himself was nearly one of the undead as he received this from falling of a 3 storey balcony! We think then when you see the artwork both artists have contributed you'll agree with us that they have done an amazing job.

Unearth:Possessed will be released on 31st October 2012 on 10" Solid Red Vinyl and Digitally
(Gallows cover of 'Zombie Crew only appears on the 10" version and '245 Trioxin' only appears on the digital version)

The 10" vinyl is only available on mailorder directly from
The digital version will be available from all good digital music stores.

There's also a limited edition of 50 Tshirt printed as well check out the store to get you hads on one of these!!

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911 - Solid Red

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Big Cheese 5/5
Celebrating In At the Deep End's 50th release in style, this 10" blood red vinyl commemorates the (un)dead and missed Leeds zombie crew, Send More Paramedics. On the 'Unearth' side is four Paramedics tract that never had an official release and on the 'Possessed' side it's Gallows (new line-up with Wade), Feed The Rhino and Wounds covering their favourite Paramedics tracks. It's a no braaaaaaaainer!


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Send More Paramedics / Gallows / Feed The Rhino / Wounds - Unearth:Possessed 10" Vinyl

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