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   - Teenage Haze CD (iatde052)
Departures - Teenage Haze
1. Drained Out
2. Making Maps
3. 21
4. The Home Stretch
5. Teenage Haze
6. Those Miles Meant Everything
7. Where The Time Will Go
8. Planting Weeds
9. Small Steps
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Departures return with their 2nd full length album "Teenage Haze" a masterpiece blending hardcore vocals with subtle memorable melodies almost reinverting a credible emo style for the 21st century.

Departures blew everyone away with their debut album "When Losing Everything Is Everything You Wanted" out on FITA Records (who will be releasing the vinyl version of "Teenage Haze" in Europe, of which 50 will be available from IATDE Records). We've had our eyes on Departures since the release of "When Losing.." and we knew their second album would be good but never expect just how amazing it is, you can see for yourselves as track "21" from "Teenage Haze" is currently being streamed on Rocksound.

"Teenage Haze" is the sound of Departures growing up, it is a hardcore album written by a band who doesn't solely listen to hardcore, taking influences from a wide range musical styles to develop a sound that is placed somewhere between modern hardcore and 90s emo, the band hope for as many people to hear the record as possible, and hopefully find something in it to love.

Departures have recorded an album that will not just get them plenty of admirers in the UK, but across the pond as well, as were already in talks with an American label who are really interested in licensing "Teenage Haze" in North America, more details soon!

Recorded at Ranch Studios in Southampton (Bastions, Landscapes)

For Fans Of: Touche Amore, Balance & Composure, American Nightmare and Thursday
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Kerrang KKKK
Glasgow five piece turn in second dose of grim post-hardcore
Teenage Haze is not an easy listening experience, You get the feeling it's not meant to be either, From the off, 'Drained Out' pulls you into Departures' cynical Glaswegian world-view, musically informed by countless emotionally charged hardcore bands from the U.S.. The quintet do things raw, honest and unrelentingly bleak, yet there's undoubtedly passion seeping from each tracks open-wound style. There's admirable pacing, too, the instrumental interlude of the title track providing some respite from vocalist James McKean's hurt, hardy howling. It's a harsh, heartbroken and testing ordeal to get through and it sure won't be for everyone. Still, Departures' second record is a work of quality and class.
For fans of: Touche Amore, Indian Summer, Defeater.
- David Mclaughlin

Big Cheese 4/5
Second album from Glasgow melodic, gritty hardcore quintet. Right from the blistering, heart-on-sleeve opener 'Drained Out', two things are clear about Departures. Firstly, they're passionate and accomplished muscians who meld modern hardcore and '90's emo and secondly, they sound a fair bit like Defeater , La Dispute and Touche Amore.

However, 'Teenage Haze' stands on its own feet, with the strength of songs like 'Making Maps' and the slow builder closer 'Small Steps' showing why they're making their mark on the UK hardcore scene, mixing melodic guitar lines and James Mckean's powerful, giving-everything vocal delivery. 'Teenage Haze' is a mature and emotional rollercoaster that it's well worth taking the ride on. - Rachel Owen

Rocksound 8/10
Following on from last year's 'When Losing Everything Is Everything You Wanted', Glaswegian mob Departures are back with another record of urgent discontent and bracing melodic hardcore. Perfectly timed, the nine songs on the release are a fitting soundtrack for the seasonal change to colder and darker weather. Like lashing rain on a gloomy morning, the band's jagged and emotive sound attacks relentlessly, each listen a driving storm. Definitely not a comfortable experience (but absolutely worthwhile), this album contains immense strength and resolve for all those who weather the initial pummelling it presents.
For Fans Of: Touche Amore, More Than Life, Landscapes - Andrew Kelham

Mass Movement
I instinctively feel the direction every song is heading in, and Departures know their way to my heart. So that's what I'm not to comfortable with. How the hell do an English band, I've never heard or met before, know what I'm feeling? I can feel James' broken and desperate vocals as if they were my own. I can see how the flow of a particular song goes as if I were Neo himself, and Departures were my own personal Matrix. It's so strange when, having scratched that melodic hardcore surface, your own life stares back at you.

Departures will show you your soul, on a silver or black vinyl platter, whichever medium you prefer. Even your dark side, the one you've been hiding from everyone, isn't a secret anymore. Your personal audio-mirror is here, it's called 'Teenage Haze' - Martijn Welzen

Ramzine 8/10
I'm not usually a fan of melodic hardcore, I often find all the twists, turns and taking the scenic route incredibly tedious. I'd love to say exactly the same about Departures latest release, but I can't. If there are any melodic hardcore cynics out there reading this, this might be the album that changes your mind. Hopefully it's not a gateway drug and we all end up shaking and listening to anything that Tumblr throws at us.

The press pack sent out describes their sound as somewhere between "modern hardcore and 90's emo" and for the most part this is pretty accurate. If you're a fan of the recent surge of modern pop punk bands that are making their marks on the scene, then you'll most likely enjoy Teenage Haze. The album retains a passionate and adult atmosphere, without sounding too serious, drawn out or boring.

All of the generic melodic hardcore slowed tempo and twiddly guitar riffs never out stay their welcome, and the pace is quickly picked up again without any of the songs limping to a finish. The twiddly guitar bits are spaced out and varied enough that, regardless of their nature, they never have a chance to become boring and weigh the songs down anyway. Even the interlude Teenage Haze slots perfectly into the album. The production suits the album brilliantly, with Teenage Haze not being over polished and squeaky clean, it gives the songs depth and the sense of them being performed live. The overall feel that if you saw this band live, everything would sound the same, or better. Probably better because you'd get to see them posi-jump (or not so posi jump judging by the lyrics) and you could finger point and mic grab until you are exhausted from being part of the scene.

A terrible lazy generalisation of the sound of this album would be Touche Amore crossed with La Dispute, but that's not at all strictly true because Departures really have a sound of their own. They're distinctive, and I think that's bloody impressive considering the genre they’re playing.

Me Gusta Reviews 9/10
If you're a fan of emotional melodic hardcore, Departures is probably a band that you've heard about. Their debut full-length album, When Losing Everything Is Everything You Wanted, displayed the band's passion and true potential and now they've taken it to the next level with their forthcoming album entitled Teenage Haze.

From the opening riff, it's made clear that Departures has really stepped up their game and refined their sound even more. "Drained Out" and "Making Maps" is the perfect one-two punch (or kick) that gets the album off on the right foot and it doesn't let up until the fifth track, the interlude which is also the title track. "Teenage Haze" is a much slower-paced track that features nice, calming melodies and a great drumming pattern. Just before it wears out its welcome, "Teenage Haze" fades out into the next track.

The album really takes off again on "Where The Time Will Go". The track as a whole is strong, but the second half is extremely impressive. After a lengthy and depressing intro, "Where The Time Will Go" picks up and it only gets better from there. About a minute after the first tempo change, there is an even more tremendous tempo change which cues the pounding drums and powerful chords that eventually build up to an epic climax.

The next two tracks, "Planting Weeds" and "Small Steps", are an exceptional way to end this musical journey just like the first two tracks kick it off. "Planting Weeds" was released by Departures about a month prior to the album's release and it's a solid track that flows into the final track seamlessly. "Small Steps" displays as much emotion as any other track on Teenage Haze and if you tack on the fact that it's very strong instrumentally as well, this will most likely be a favourite for many listeners.

The only gripe that I have with Teenage Haze is that it ends quite abruptly. "Small Steps" starts to build up near the end of the track and I was expecting a huge melodic lead or something spectacular to close out the album, however, I was left with a bit of an empty feeling when the music just faded out.

If you like what you've read in this review and heard from the previously released "21" and "Planting Weeds", be on the lookout for Teenage Haze which is being released on November 26th via In At The Deep End Records and No Sleep Records. Departures' new release is an onslaught of melodic riffs and leads, impressive drumming, and passionate lyrics and vocals that are the closest you could possibly get to hearing something like More Than Life without actually listening to them.


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