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   - The Guillaume Seam CDEP (iatde054)
The Guillaume Seam - The Guillaume Seam
1. Bakunin The Destroyer
2. Detritus
3. Dunya Bares Her Neck
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Barcode - 5060047110198
Back in 2001 from the ashes of Kent band Ezra, The Guillaume Seam rose up and deliver a ruthless lesson in quality screamo-noisecore with this excellent debut EP.

That was 10 years ago now and though the band split in 2003 they had a major influence on the UK scene in such a short life span. This EP sounds as good now as it did back then, and if this EP was to fall though our door today as a demo we'd sign the band up in a heart beat.

They treat us to a style of brutality normally associated with bands such as Botch, Zao, Poison The Well, with the madness of Converge, the unpredictability of Dillinger and the eclectic qualities that Beecher showed. The combination is quite magical.

At the core of the sound is first class pounding noisecore that has a darkened off kilter approach. They manage to keep the music barbarically intense and crushingly heavy with a touch of experimentalism here and there. Mixing chaotically intricate patterns of nicely played guitar and varying rhythms, it makes for interesting listening. The whole EP sounds quite fresh with a style that is not ruled by conventional structure and music that doesn’t just follow a formula. With that maximum brutality and intensity there is an anarchic feeling to the songs, but in amongst the anarchy there are emotional moments of refrain that just give the music a direction when it's needed and also gives great balance. This is definitely a probing investigation of the style and performed to such a highly professional standard.

Though you will never get to see this band, you need to hear these 3 tracks as together they are just about a perfect EP as you can get!
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Kerrang KKKK
If Major label A&R men in this country truly had any balls then they'd be taking an educated gamble on progressive metalcore following it's wimpier emo cousin into the mainstream in 2003. Alongside Johnny Truant and Eden Maine, The Guillaume Seam are forging a ferocious new sound for the suburbs, mixing hyper-technical labyrinthine riffing with guttural screamo vocals and left-field experimentalism. TGS lack the truly twisted vision with makes The Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge so compelling, but there's a host of fascinating ideas battling for air in their tightly wound brutality.

Rocksound 8/10
Probably one of the most ludicrous names for a band since Defenestration, this quintet used to be called Ezra, but boy are they heavy! In fact heavy is an understatement! OK, not the best production ever, but this band like their hardcore brutal but still manage to throw in the odd melody too! Free copies were being given out at the recent London Converge show, If you picked one up, we'll no doubt be pleased. If not get one now!

Fury Fanzine
I don't really know where to begin! Dan from Jairus had been telling me how good The Guillaume Seam were for a while, and then, as if by fate, this CD fell on my doorstep one morning. As soon as I pressed play I found my eardrums pummeled until only dust remained. This CD is the heaviest thing to come out of the UK since the steelworks shut down. The Guillaume Seam seem to have seamlessly merged all the madness and groove of Converge with the heaviest components of post-hardcore passion. "Bakunin The Destroyer" kicks and screams its way out of the speakers, "Detritus" beats any remaining life out of you and "Dunya Bares Her Neck" revels in your death. Highly recommended to any fan of intelligent heavy music.

Stop The Pop
The music is stunning; heavy as fuck, but not slow. This is metal from the Dillinger Escape Plan household. Fast, intricate and exciting, it's fair to say that it's something of a headfuck. But the thing that really makes this three track single is the way the band leave huge gaps in the middle of the songs. It may not be clever, but is sure killer. This is the kind of CD you listen to once, realise it's awesome, but are slightly scared to listen to it again.


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