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   - Die Young CD (iatde055)
Wounds - Die Young
1. Killing Spree
2. Trouble For The Sake Of It
3. Dead Dead Fucking Dead
4. No Future
5. Choke
6. Bombs
7. Desperate Times
8. The Pile
9. Binge
10. Dead Road
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IATDE Records are proud to be releasing Wounds debut album 'Die Young' due to hit the streets in January 2013.

Hailing from Dublin Ireland, these guys have developed a sound of their own, twisted different genres together to make an anthemic bruiser of a 10-track album.

From the opening riff of 'Killing Spree' you'll be as hooked as we were at IATDE towers.

Work began on their first album shortly after Wounds' debut EP 'Dead Dead Fucking Dead' had received rave reviews from the likes of Kerrang!, Rocksound etc, but was cut short when when guitarist James fell 4 stories from a balcony and spent 3 months on life support. After what seemed like a miracle of a recovery and a painful summer for all involved, James pulled through. Wounds picked up where they left off, continued working on the album and to support each other throughout.

While a lot of Aidan's lyrics and the bands music were inspired by this struggle, Wounds are all about having a good time and leaving the shitty past behind. With the debut album 'Die Young' finally due for release on 28/01/2013, 2013 is the year of Wounds.

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Kerrang KKKK
Make way for one of the bands set to stand out in 2013.
Wounds haven't had it easy. Tragedy shrouded the recording of their debut 'Die Young'. For one, brothers James and Aidan - Wounds' guitarist and vocalist respectively - were dealing with the devastating loss of their father. For another, James was also recovering after falling from a fourth floor balcony in a freak accident, unsure that he'd pick up a guitar again. Unsurprisingly, then, their debut 'Die Young' is a tough listen. All hell breaks loose on opener 'Killing Spree', as it oozes reckless rock'n'roll in the same vein as The Bronx, while the careless groove of 'No Future' follows the same premise. Even when the boisterous punk of 'Bombs' and 'The Pile' calm the waters, it still feels overpoweringly raw. Wounds have delivered one of the most intense debuts albums of the year. This sounds like your heart bursting.
For Fans Of: The Bronx, Black Flag, Every Time I Die 8/10
Overall, Die Young is a technically brilliant, engaging and exciting record. If you like bands with balls-to-the-wall punk attitude, a lust for life and a fearsome ability to create memorable tunes, then buy this record, along with some earplugs for anyone over the age of 50 in your house, and play it LOUD. An impressive debut which shows clear signs of great things to come from Wounds.
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Terrorizer 4/5
It's taken a long time to get to where they are now - the cover of 'Die Young' shows the physical scars they've accumulated along the way - so you can forgive the Dublin foursome for wanting to enjoy the craic. This is the soundtrack to the most apocalyptic party known to man, played with the energy of the Stooges, the danger of the Murder Junkies and interlaced with the slick gothic swagger of the Sisters Of Mercy: Wounds are a real force to be reckoned with. From sordid opener 'Killing Spree' to the harrowing finale 'Dead Road', via the punk stylings of 'Bombs' and the bleak 'No Future', this is deadly, desperate and downright filthy. For Wounds, infamy awaits. - John Consterdine

Dublin quartet Wounds promise great things, although their debut album 'Die Young' almost didn't happen after guitarist James Coogan was injured in a fall from a fourth floor balcony and told he'd never play again. His badly scarred torso appears on the artwork for their album of perfectly captured nihilistic angst and frantic energy of youth. Aidan Coogan's confessional yelps and howls of grungy, good-time desperation are buoyed along by the battering-ram rhythm section and brother James's relentless riffery.

Big Cheese 4/5
Debut full-length from the Irish noiseniks
Following on the heels of the acclaimed 'Dead, Dead Fucking Dead' EP Wounds full length 'Die Young' is more of their abrasive, angular twist on punk and is invoked by a Gallows-style rage, a Cancer Bats-fueled power and the melodic precision of the likes of The Bronx. Beneath the stark deity of songs like 'Desperate Times' there is a grievous heart pumping adrenalin around the ten tracks here and ultimately aids Wounds to being so much more than just anger, it's channeled with a purpose and finesse that makes for captivating listening. Wounds serious contenders in the Brit stakes this year, take heed and listen.

Powerplay Magazine 9/10
Since the near death of their guitarist gave them a new perspective on life, noxious pandemonium is the modus operandi for Dublin based punk rockers Wounds. Their debut full length 'Die Young' is a tumultuous hybrid of Cancer Bats, Attack! Viper! and Gallows that scrapes and scratches across forty minutes of frantic action.

Songs like 'Trouble For The Sake Of It', 'Dead Road' and 'Desperate Times' fizz viciously with menace and the constant explosive threat both vitriolic and intensely uplifting. The sorrowful surrounding story makes for some grim imagery, but their attitude doesn't give a single solitary toss: when it comes to piss and vinegar, Wounds are second to none.

An acute, diligent and earnest debut from a band that may be set to self-destruct, Wounds offer one of the most honest sounds running the hardcore circuit. 9/10
Pick out your sleeveless denim, your shittiest, torn Vans classics and your ripped Levi's because Wounds are fucking here. 'Die Young' is set to sonically destroy you later this month through the renowned and highly respected indie label In At The Deep End Records.
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'Die Young' has all the balls you'd ever want from a rising band, and everything here screams hunger and passion. Wounds have a bright future, and despite a few minor flaws, 'Die Young' sets them on a fine path.
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The band are also not afraid to stray from the angry path, such as on the broodingly progressive 'Choke', but by and large stick to a highly functional formula which blends punky brashness with catchy melodies and a songwriting sensibility that defies their youth.
Read More 9/10
Die Young is a fantastic debut full-length and it'll be a crime if Wounds don't get recognised for their incredibly admirable talents. Keep it up lads!
Read More 11/13
Die Young is exciting and packs in tons of great tunes, if you like your music pissed off and jagged with room to boogie then this is the record for you. We're already interested to see where Wounds go next with their sound - this record brings in so many different elements that they could pretty much go in any direction they wanted.
Read More 8/10
Irish based Wounds deliver exactly what you'd expect from a punk band on this noisy and frantic debut. They have the same punk edge that Gallows had during their debut album stage. What becomes evident from the first few seconds it this isn't a band who are going to mess around. They're straight to the point, in your face and not a band you'd expect comfortable music from.
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Dublin hardcore types Wounds have finally arrived at their debut album and are raging. At what is unclear but you suspect it's pretty much anything that we've got. Die Young is a record seething with anger and resentment and, if it's not particularly original, is still an enthralling racket. Delayed after guitarist James Coogan had a disagreement with a fourth story balcony and the street below, Wounds sound like a band playing as if their lives depended on it and it's hard not to get swept up in the experience.
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Musical Mathematics
If you're one for your hardcore to be crammed with riffs that can groove as much they can hit you square in the jaw, then this is definitely a slice of punk rock just for you. Don't pass that offer up.
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What becomes alarmingly apparent from pretty much the moment you put Wounds' debut album Die Young into your player is that this is not a band who are in the business of creating comfortable and safe music. Opening cut 'Killing Spree' flies out of the speakers at breakneck pace, with a sludgy bass, sledgehammer drums and a singer who sounds like he could use a soother. The song is overflowing with hooks underneath its noise attack which makes it quite a thrilling opener.
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The lurching arrangements, rumbling bass, and razor-blade guitars that underpin the vocals are truly exciting and not only deliver on the promise of the EP but raise expectations for the next Wounds record.
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On 'Die Young' Wounds prove themselves to be much more than just another brainless punk rock outfit, despite trying their best to convince us otherwise. Even at their most chaotic (their best?) there remains a streak of class, a swagger, an integrity that sets them apart.
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Wounds are an upcoming British hardcore outfit. Starting their career's with a bang due to their newly released debut album, Die Young, they are set to make an impact on the refreshed hardcore scene in Britain.
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