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   - Of All The People That I've Left... 7" (iatde056)
Weathered Hands - Of All The People That I've Left...
1. Captive
2. Growth Forever
3. Seven Years
4. For Sharks
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Barcode - 888002129383

Forming in 2011, Weathered Hands are growing & evolving at a frenetic pace, already possess a discography to be proud of as 2012 saw the release of two EPs - 'End Of The Road' & 'Unison'. Out of the studio, Weathered Hands have been honing their live skills across the UK with such bands as The Catharsis, Black Shapes & The Cold Harbour.

With the summer seeing the release of their new EP, the 4 track 'Of All The People That I've Left, Each One Has Died Of Loneliness' a record concerned with conveying stories which will consume the hearts & minds of their listeners whilst being raw and passion.

As the title of their forthcoming EP would suggest, Weathered Hands are not afraid to bare their scars & wear their hearts on their sleeves. 'Of All The People...' is the lovingly & delicately constructed tale of two lovers struggling with the torment of mental illness finding peace only in death. For a young band to show such personality & fearless desire to break away from their contemporaries is commendable. Where Weathered Hands find their strength is in their honesty. This is truthful. This is wholehearted. This is powerful. This is Weathered Hands & this is their time.

'Of All The People That I've Left, Each One Has Died Of Loneliness' will be available on the 24th June, on 7" vinyl (limited to 500 - 100 Clear Vinyl / 400 Black Vinyl) artwork supplied by Will Blood (we've seen advance sketches and it will look amazing), the release will also be available digitally on the same date..

All vinyl purchases will receive a digital download code so please check your spam folder just in case.

Full Artwork For the 7" version below;

Weathered Hands

Pressing Details
100 - Clear
400 - Solid black

Weathered Hands Band Page

Rocksound 7/10
The title of the EP makes it pretty clear that it's not going to be a collection of party-starting power pop anthems. Telling the story of two mentally ill lovers and their journey towards death, the subject matter's not cheery, but the musicianship and passion displayed is enough to raise a smile in any melodic hardcore fan. There's intensity and heaps of melody, somehow avoiding sounding like any other band in the crowded space. In final track 'For Sharks' the band shout "there is no future here". Well, maybe not for their characters, but Weathered Hands have an exciting career ahead. - Alex Reeves

For Fans Of: Modern Life Is War, Defeater, Landscapes

Big Cheese 7/10
Intense concept (of sorts) melodic hardcore EP
Hereford quintet Weathered Hands are clearly influenced by the depth, passion and power, as well as the story-telling, of the gritty melodic hardcore of greats like Defeater and Modern Life Is War. While they're not at that level yet, this four track EP is a driving and absorbing listen, following the journey of two lovers with mental issues as they spiral downwards. However, 'Growth Forever' and ripping 'Seven Years' especially are more anthemic than you might imagine. Promising stuff! 9/10
Weathered Hands have landed on their feet with their label for sure but they're an authority in their own right. Their songs speak for themselves and this four track EP that finishes on the line "There is no future here" couldn't be more of an oxymoron to what's forthcoming for this band.
Read More 8/10
It's rare for a band to step things up so spectacularly in such a short space of time (especially considering that this was originally scheduled for released in April!), yet one listen to Seven Years is all it takes to see that they've done just that. This band deserve to go places and if they can take this extraordinary momentum into a full-length, they most certainly will.
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Mass Movement
Four songs that feel like a life time. That's a positive as it's not about endlessly long songs without any ending, but heartfelt, deep and desperate songs. Modern Life Is War comes to mind, but also Defeater.
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Two Beats Off
Weathered Hands, belying their youth through obvious dexterity with their respective instruments, have crafted a well-rounded little record which although barely pushing past ten minutes in length manages to eschew an awareness of dynamics that makes Of All The People That I've Left... a rewarding listen. Transcending hardcore's traditionally one-dimensional outbursts, the band are brimming with the potential to create some truly affecting and enjoyable hardcore tunes.
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