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   - Stand.Fight.Believe CD (iatde058)
Death Remains - Stand.Fight.Believe
1. Work Sleep Repeat
2. Martyrs Dream
3. Carriers
4. Blood Brothers
5. The Northern Line Massacre
6. Stand.Fight.Believe
7. The Last Good Fight I'll Ever Know
8. Cold Farewell
9. Innocence
10. Proof of Life
11. Cincinnati Bowtie
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Price - UK £3 Europe £5 Rest Of World £12
Barcode - 5024545672923

From England, the spiritual home of classic metal, comes the new generation in the world's leading metal bands. Among those at the front of the pack are DEATH REMAINS.

The band is on the verge of releasing their debut album under the guidance of SGR management through 'In At The Deep End Records' with a busy tour schedule to follow throughout 2013.

With members coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds, the band values individuality, both personally and in their music, separating them from the London music scene they have originated from.

An explosive live band, DEATH REMAINS entered the studio in 2013 to begin recording their first album with Justin Hill at the desk, formerly of acclaimed noise band SIKTH. The incredible and mind blowing opus, 'STAND.FIGHT.BELIEVE'.

'STAND.FIGHT.BELIEVE' is about everyday struggles, it's about standing your ground, it's about never giving in.

This is the latest in original British metal. This is the new generation of British youth employing crushing rhythms and devastating riffs, injecting life into a genre plagued by rip-offs and wannabes. This is more than just sheer technical brilliance. This is passion. This is DEATH REMAINS.


For Fans Of: Killswitch Engage, Miss May I, Bury Tomorrow, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying.

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Big Cheese 8/10
A new generation of British metal is emerging.
With a fantastic lead track 'Work Sleep Repeat', this passionate London metal band pulled out all the stops. Claiming to be pioneers of a new wave, Death Remains want to inject new life into the crowded genre. They are certainly persevering with this motive, propelled by soaring choruses and effortless tight musicianship. Their technical ability along with impressive vocals and high speed riffs is what strengthens this album and makes them a great contender to be one of the country's leading young metal bands within the next few years.

Rocksound 8/10
Debut albums from metal bands are often plagues by too much testosterone and / or posturing technicality. 'Stand.Fight.Believe' has aggression and it's got musicianship, but these are just pillars holding up the London quintet's sound. As 'The Last Good Fight I'll Ever Know' and the solemn title track demonstrate, what defines this band is emotional honesty. These aren't songs about Viking conquerors or Holy Divers; they're about the band's own lives and beliefs. With ex-Sikth man Justin Hill producing, the tracks are dynamic and fresh, reminding us that great metal albums can be both furious and melodic.
For Fans Of: Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, All The Remains
Formed in 2010 and barely three years later capable of levelling a town. You don't think this is possible in three years? What about - an amazing sound, catchy songs, heavy, original, varied, but not going overboard with avant-garde metal. All goals a band can have, seemingly achieved in such a short time. I just cannot get my head around this. Musically they do link in with Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying and Miss May I, but strangely enough, and quite possibly because they are from London, with its rich music heritage, and now signed to In At The Deep End, there's still a slightly noisy, heartfelt and desperate undercurrent, which lifts them above their peers. This talented bunch of youngsters has that spark, which is impossible to describe.
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Kerrang KKK
Metalcore Mob Get Their Metalcore On
There's criteria when it comes to good metalcore: it should hit you square in the jaw like a sucker punch from oblivion. And it should course through your veins like a surge of pure adrenaline. Job , pretty much done Death Remains. Songs such as Martyrs Dream and Blood Brothers scream and flail into brilliance.


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Death Remains - Stand.Fight.Believe CD